Giselle Smith,
Love in Elizabethtown

Born just north of Austin, I previously lived a lively existence with my now-teenage daughter Kenzie surrounded by friends, family, amazing food and a lot of flowers. Lovely Leaves was launched in January 2014 and since then, we have designed flowers for over 400 weddings from Austin to Waco and beginning in 2016, select weddings across the country.

Honestly, I fell in love with Aleks before ever setting foot in Elizabethtown and definitely never planned to leave my lovely Texas life for some veggie-eating, overly-athletic surgeon from Lexington. Plans change, we just got married and now I am in the Bluegrass State full-time aside from trips for work (we can design flowers for your wedding in any state if the style is right) and/or adventures eating, drinking and sightseeing with Kenzie and Aleks. 

What you will find here is a mix of all the things I love from wedding flowers and event planning tips to family photos, restaurants to recipes and tricks to travel well and make the most out of every holiday or special event. We eat well, love a lot and take pictures of pretty much everything in an effort to document the everyday to keep friends and family living out of state up to date on our Kentucky-based activities. Occasionally you will find snap shots of our furry counterparts, Sheltie dogs Rex and Stella⎯Stella is the one with the short attention span and lack of regard for family portraits⎯and the newest addition to our family is a currently nameless ginger and white cat. 

Shoot me an email, I love to chat.


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