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Lovely Leaves
Wedding Coordination

We are going back to our roots and offering Wedding Coordination beginning at $2200 for Kentucky weddings.


This year we coordinated five Kentucky weddings and I think I had forgotten how much I absolutely LOVE IT. Over the years we have been featured in print and on dozens of blogs and have had the pleasure of working with roughly 125 brides since our start nine years ago. It took me a while to fall in love with Kentucky, but I am so excited to announce that we will begin offering Wedding Coordination services in the Bluegrass State for 2020/2021 couples.


Our wedding coordination services will include all of the wonderful hands-on install necessary for the perfect wedding day with up to 24 combined hours of service between myself and team members over the wedding weekend, but as a bonus, we will include an early planning session to be sure you have all of your ducks in a row before the big day.


You will get THREE FREE HOURS of awesome and undivided planning attention. Here's what you get:


  • The first hour will be spent talking budget basics to help you know where to best spend your budget. Before we meet, be sure to know how much you can spend overall on your wedding and have your guest list complete with an A-List and a B-List (less is always more with wedding guest lists, but sometimes you have to invite Great Aunt Selma to make your mother happy).

  • The second hour we will discuss everyone's favorite topic: wedding decor. SPOILER ALERT: Get excited about a curated Pinterest board overflowing with beautiful inspiration tailored to your wedding vision and budget!

  • The final hour will line out your wedding day timeline to be sure you have vendors booked for the correct amount of time from the start. It is no fun to be hit with hundreds of dollars in unexpected fees for late-night rental pick up or additional hours of entertainment. Just to be safe, we send out vendor timelines early on in the planning process to confirm service times with all vendors and to be sure your wedding takes precedence above the rest for delivery and installation time slots. 

ONE MORE THING: We will also include a list of preferred vendors with our top picks and some budget-friendly options.


To check availability for Lovely Leaves Wedding Coordination, fill out the contact form here. We are currently offering this service for couples in Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown and surrounding areas.






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