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Celebrating Baby Henry: A Cabin-Themed Baby Shower

Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world this Saturday afternoon. Issue 1 of Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine is printed, the launch party is planned and Aleks, Kenzie and I are en route to the airport to go to Iceland for a week of baby-mooning, Blue Lagoon lounging, black beaches, glacier exploration and exotic food. We may even get to see the northern lights. To top it off, I just got the prettiest pictures back from Morgan Worley Photography of our shower for Baby Henry this past weekend and my heart is overflowing.

Not Your Traditional Baby Shower

The first question you're probably asking yourself about these photos is where are the images of centuries-old baby shower games? We skipped that part. We're not the most traditional and really wanted to celebrate with friends and family without having the standard fuss of measuring my belly with crepe paper and trying to remember not to cross our legs or say "baby." We got tons of super sweet gifts, but to have more time with our guests, we waited and let Kenzie open them for us over some Chinese food later in the evening. (P.S. If you're reading this and sent Henry something special, Thank You cards are in the works this plane ride. Expect them as soon as we're back stateside).

If you feel like we missed out because of the lack of games, don't worry, my belly is still basketball round despite the lack of guessing its circumference. The day was full and perfect in my opinion. We did have family, great friends, cute babies, delicious BBQ, lovely decor, tons of foraged magnolia, homemade ice cream from our local fav, Dewster's, and tours of the nearly-complete cabin remodel and the property. We also had a beautiful bar stocked full of seasonal beers, champagne and signature drinks + Virgin Mules AKA ginger beer garnished with limes and fresh herbs for those of us abstaining from booze these days.

Thanks so much to every person who came out last Sunday. I cannot begin to express how special we felt having you all at our home despite living well away from civilization. Special thanks to my parents and grandpa who couldn't stay for the shower, but came out the week prior to finish up some home improvement projects necessary to make this event a success. I typically list vendor credits at the end of every post after the final photos, but the vendors on site on Sunday were all close friends and deserve a spot right here:

Lovely images by Morgan Worley of Morgan Worley Photography with planning by my dear friend Taylor Bible of Taylor Bible Weddings, stationery from my fabulous Texas friend Teresa Williams of Studio W Designs and a glorious balloon installation by my friend Ginna Matson of Hummingbird Page Events. Kendall Ratchford, thanks for showing up and helping out with everything from food presentation to balloon blowing; we couldn't have done it without you. In addition, we utilized mainly local vendors: Linen rentals from Emerald Oak Events, catering from Mark's Feed Store and ice cream from Dewster's Homemade Ice Cream.

That's it for this post. DM me with any questions if you're planning a baby shower or even if you just want to chat. Per the usual, thanks for tuning in! We cannot wait to introduce Baby Henry! XOXO


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