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Lovely Leaves: Favorite Bouquets 2018

So we skipped the 2018 Year-End Wedding Review (we have a blog series coming soon that will showcase quite a few of our recent weddings) and compiled a collection of our favorite 26 bouquets from this past year. While some of our favs are in the more traditional hues of white + green or white + blush, other color palettes popped with coral, hot pink, orange, mustard, red, burgundy, blue and a mix of purples. Flowers we saw the most of were peonies, garden roses including some special varieties from Grace Rose Farm, delphiniums, standard roses, multi-colored anemones, modern anthuriums and orchids, tulips, sweet peas and fresh dahlias thanks to local Kentucky farm, Wild Willows. Silver dollar eucalyptus, lemon leaf and southern smilax vines were our top greenery picks. True to the Lovely Leaves style, our favorite bouquets make a statement and photograph beautifully with big focal blooms, textural elements and lush greenery.

1 Dani Cowan Photography / 2-3 ML Photo Film / 4 Shelly Taylor Photography / 5 Callie Manion Photography / 6 Whitney Neal Studios / 7 Shalyn Nelson - Love, The Nelsons / 8 Morgan Worley Photography / 9 Samantha Moore Photography / 10 Tabitha Booth Photography / 11 Stephanie Rogers Photography / 12 Lauren Crose Photography / 13 Lauren Crose Photography / 14 Ashley Brown - Shining Light Photography / 15-16 Anastasia Strate Photography / 17 Honey Heart Photo / 18 Hannah Haston Photography / 19 Hannah Haston Photography / 20 Erin Trimble Photography / 21 Hannah Haston Photography / 22 Bob Knoll Photography /23 Lindsey Mueller Photography / 24 Grace Pumpelly Photography / 25 Dani Cowan Photography / 26 Awake Photography / 27 Ashley Brown - Shining Light Photography / 28-29 Eva Cranford Photography

Are you getting married in 2019? Congratulations on your engagement! Contact us today to get the process started on your perfect wedding florals and dream bouquet. Click here to fill out the questionnaire. Dates are limited. For more gorgeous bouquet inspiration, check out our Instagram @_giselle_smith.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Best Wedding Wishes from Lovely Leaves! XOXO


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