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Log Cabin Meets Modern Master Bath

Feeling blessed amongst the confusion this morning. Aleks finished up with surgeries early today and is home with Henry and I, Issue 3 of Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine is being bound tonight and delivered tomorrow, nearly half of the magazines will make it to patrons in the mail and Kenzie is sound asleep as school is canceled and every day is the weekend. Bright sides of social distancing: More family time, lazy days with lots of baby snuggles, hikes to the river, home-cooked meals and completed remodel and decorating projects. Check it out everyone: Our bathroom is finally complete. If you like to see the before photos first, scroll on down to the videos at the very bottom.

Modern Meets Cabin Doesn't Make Sense

The first question you're probably asking yourself is why we live in a log cabin if I love modern, clean design in pretty much everything. The answer is that I also love Aleks Smith, nature enthusiast. He loves the woods, hiking, fishing and camping. I've never seen his eyes light up like the day we toured the property, so ending up with 85 acres of riverside Kentucky woodlands didn't seem that far-fetched when we bought the place despite the log cabin. Pretty sure Mary Smith thought I was nuts when I explained my idea for the bathroom. I'll admit, it's different but we love it. In the videos at the bottom, you can clearly see that we cut into what was once the bedroom to expand and open up the master bath. Clean white walls, chrome, hard lines, giant glass with the windows and shower and tile to offset all of the wood make the cabin more my style. It's the nicest room in the house, hands down.

Tile Choices & Local Love

Our bathrooms were remodeled by Smith Family Homes, Inc. with a mirror and massive sheets of shower glass from Hub City Glass. The shower is open to the space, there is no door tying in with the clean feel. I love black tiling; the floor and hex shower floor are from Corvin's Floor Coverings & Cabinets. The marble herringbone tile wall of my shower may be my favorite design element in the entire house; it's something I have always wanted. The bamboo vanity was the most difficult item to choose; it came from the ReUse Center. It was hard to find a wood to complement the stained pine walls. Not all of our fixtures were purchased locally, but Winteriors is my favorite by far in terms of customer service. The white paint is Chantilly Lace from Colonial Interiors. We were able to include items from all over Elizabethtown. Ange at FINE House & Garden special ordered our cylindrical modern light fixtures and our tub-side table is straight from her showroom. I was a nerdy kid with a rock collection growing up and have a pile of woo woo crystals to prove it. The larger agate slabs for elevation are from Denizen though plus the bath salts I've been loving since VDay. The yellow Narcissus and Forsythia are straight from our yard; the lady vase is from Denizen as well. My current bathroom scent is this Paddywax Tobacco Patchouli candle from Raiment + Boon. The orchid plant was given to me when Henry was born and squeezed its way onto the bath table.

Please Send Nudes

Our bathroom has a theme. Originally Aleks intended to be a urologist. The drawings above the tub were a med school gift from his art-loving older sister, and a trend was born. Each piece of art has a story. I thought the wrought iron butt was a cross for the first few months we had it, lol. Aleks went to the Woodland Art Festival without me in 2017 and, after a few beers, brought it home. The Salvador Dalí lithograph in the copper frame above the toilet is my fave and probably the most special. A lithograph is essentially a high-quality print, but this specific print was created from the original for the Le Meurice Hotel in Paris where Dalí lived on and off for years. We lived in the same hotel for the first week of our Parisian honeymoon and brunched at the Le Dalí restaurant, where the piece previously hung for many years. I bought it at auction last year. The white waffle robes are from one of my favorite Austin hotels; they were gifted to me for my last birthday by my best friend, Taylor Bible. Aleks and I spent our first downtown ATX staycation at that particular W. I have an affinity for online auctions; the rug is a recent find. She is celebrating her 100-year birthday this year and complements our color palette with black, white, yellow and orange.

That's it for this post. DM me with any questions if you're remodeling a cabin in this coronavirus mess or even if you're just bored and want to chat. Per the usual, thanks for tuning in. Sending all the good vibes your way for health, happiness and ample toilet paper. Stay tuned for our next room: Henry's nursery! XOXO


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